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Our mobile app is ready!

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The Stroke Survivors Foundation have been collaborating with US based Strokefocus to develop a mobile app, and now, we are very proud to announce....Strokefocus app is now available!


The app is connected to the Strokefocus Forum, so now you can easily use the app to share thoughts and questions with all stroke stakeholders, be they survivors, carers/ families and healthcare professionals. 


To download and install the app:


Apple phone, click on this link: the mobile app for Apple

Android phone, click on this link: The mobile app for Android


As you have already signed up on the PDSS Program, found on Stroke Survivors Foundation website, you can simply log in to the app with your existing username and password details, as your details remain the same as the one you chose when you signed up.


Or you can use your email as the user name.


If you have forgotten your password, you can set up a new password clicking on this link: password reset

Watch this tutorial to show you what you can do with the app. 

Should you have any problems, please call us on 082 306 3214.


George Scola

The Stroke Survivors Foundation

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