Staying Out of a Nursing Home

Rebecca Dutton

Today I got a splinter in my sound hand as I walked down my front steps while holding onto a wooden railing.  Thank God I know how to remove a splinter one-handed so I do not need live in a nursing home to get nursing care.  My mother removed splinters by picking at the skin over the splinter with the end of a sewing needle.  This was painful and required delicate fingertip pinch.  A stroke took away my ability to grasp a needle between my thumb and index finger.

My solution is to use a rasp which removes callouses on the bottom of the feet.  I trap the rasp on a counter with my affected hand.  Then I rake the rasp over the splinter.  I apply gentle pressure and make repeated passes to slowly remove skin.  Today the splinter popped out as soon it was fully exposed.  I followed with Betadine solution.  CAUTION: This method only works for splinters that are close to the surface.

I also know how to put a band aid on my finger one-handed.        I put the band aid close to the edge of a counter.  I put the affected area of my finger on the pad in the center.  Then I roll my finger to the left to get the left side of the band aid to stick to my finger.  Without lifting my hand I roll to the right so the right side of the band aid sticks to my finger.  There is usually a small tail that is not stuck down so I grab it with my teeth and stick it to my finger.  A 2nd reason I do not need to live in a nursing home to get nursing care.